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april, 2019

06apr9:00 pm4:00 pmThe Art of Building Deeper and More Meaningful Connections9:00 pm - 4:00 pm 7 Gate Hub, Water Street

Build Deeper and More Meaningful Connetions


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You are more connected right now than at any other point before.
But why doesn’t it feel like it?

In the smart phone age we live in, on average we have 500+ online connections: be they Facebook friends, Instagram followers, Linkedin connections or contacts on any other social media platform.
In the most part however, these aren’t real relationships.

We find ourselves craving something more; we crave true friendships; we crave relationships with meaning that bring us value.
These are the deeper connections we need that give us a sense of belonging, making us feel safe and secure. They motivate us and encourage us to innovate and discover, to work together, and help us to personally develop and grow.
And doesn’t it feel good when you are locked in conversation with someone who understands you and just “gets it”?

But when we take a moment to stop, and consider how many friends we have… those with whom we can be ourselves…
with whom we can be genuine and honest…
with whom we can share openly about what we really think and how we really feel…
We can usually count these on just one hand.

So, why do we have so few? How can we change it?

Join speaking coach, actor and award winning speaker David Fisher, and community builder, leader and mentor Sam Middlewood for this interactive, all day workshop as they walk you through how to build deeper connections and foster more meaningful relationships, and show you how choosing to create these deeper connections, will positively impact the lives of those around you.

Why is building deeper connections important for you?
Deeper connections with others give us a sense of belonging, make us feel safe and secure. They help us to personally grow and develop, and promote learning and sharing. They motivate us and encourage us to work together, to innovate and discover new worlds of possibility.

Plus when you are deeply connected with someone YOU FEEL GOOD!

– Those who are curious to bring more meaning to their relationships, and get more value in return.
-Those who are new to Vancouver and want to build deeper connections with new friends.
-Those who sometimes experience loneliness that they want to overcome.
-Those who are feeling too comfortable and want to create new opportunities in their social or work life.

– Uncover what stops you from connecting with others at a deeper, more meaningful level.
– Discover how being raw, vulnerable and genuine in conversation will open the door for deeper connection, and isn’t something to be afraid of.
– Explore the right questions to ask that allow you to really get to know someone, without making them feel uncomfortable.
– Learn how sharing your story will attract others, and have them wanting to connect with you!
– Equip you with tools you can build into everyday life and the confidence to use them.
– Connect and share in a judgement-free environment.

Plus, in the workshop you will personally experience the application of the concepts we discuss. This means there is the potential to build new and deep connections, and leave the workshop having formed new and meaningful relationships!


(Saturday) 9:00 pm - 4:00 pm


7 Gate Hub

Water Street